Growing in Montessori Grant Brings Nature into the Classroom

     Published on 7/11/18   Tagged under:    District News   

This is a photo of five students and a teacher planting in a garden.Kindergarten and Pre-K classes at Montessori at LeMoyne each have their own mini garden complete with sunflowers, beans and flower bulbs, thanks to a grant funded by the SCSD Educational Foundation.
Teacher Laura Vogelsang applied for the grant to help students explore nature through growing edible plants in the classroom. Her idea was to allow students to see firsthand where their food comes from, try new foods, and learn about how to grow new plants themselves.
“We learned that plants need water, sun and air to live,” Connor Hennessy said.
“We learned about composting,” Sa’dier Nuwman said. “Composting is recycling that we do with our food and things that come from plants.”
Students experimented with planting seeds in a variety of conditions so they could see how different factors affected the seeds’ development. They learned about the function of the major parts of plants (roots, stem, leaves, flowers), and made their own biodegradable pots out of newspaper, in which they planted sunflowers. Thanks to a visit from OCRRA, they even learned about composting and recycling.
“The students enjoy checking on their plants and taking out the compost every day,” Ms. Vogelsang said. “The earth boxes were a great, simple way to introduce students to the care of plants. The students greatly enjoyed the materials provided by the grant and will continue to use them in years to come!”
Moving forward, the school hopes to form a partnership with Syracuse Grows, an organization that supports community gardens throughout Syracuse. Thank you to the SCSD Educational Foundation for funding this exciting project!