Henninger Students Learn Health and Nutrition with Food Busters Program

     Published on 8/6/18   Tagged under:    District News    Henninger High School   

This is a photo of three students and a student teacher observing test tubes on a table in their science classroom.Henninger students in Health Professions 100 injected dye into a potato, allowing them to discover the salt contained in it. As part of the ‘Food Busters’ program, students learn from Syracuse University students about nutrition and health issues through hands-on labs and engaging discussions.
‘Food Busters,’ a partnership between Henninger and the Syracuse University Shaw Center, is now in its third year at Henninger. Through the program, students have also studied digestion, DNA, protein, anemia and more.
The SU students tailored lessons around the class’ case study, ‘The Mysterious Death of Anna Garcia.’ For class purposes, Anna Garcia was a fictitious patient who died – and the Health Professions students had to analyze her medical record to study health issues such as cholesterol, diabetes and more.
One lesson tasked them with examining saturated fats in items like corn ships, peanuts, croissants and more – and then applying what they learned to Anna’s food diary to determine what foods may have been most responsible for contributing to a blockage in her heart.
“I’ve learned that it’s important to be observant about what you’re eating,” freshman Cherisa Powell said of the labs and lessons. “Nothing is all good or all bad. You can eat a wide variety of foods, but you should eat everything in moderation.”
“It’s nice for them to learn from the SU students in small group instruction, as opposed to in a big group,” Health Professions teacher Melanie Pelcher said. “Plus, a secondary purpose of the program is to help our students meet college students and learn what college is like and what it takes to get there.”
Thank you to the Shaw Center for helping Health Professions students become college and career-ready through these exciting lessons!