PSLA Students Gain Career Training Experience at Springside Farm

     Published on 11/5/18   Tagged under:    District News    PSLA @ Fowler   

This is a photo of six students and a teacher watching a student remotely control a drone.PSLA at Fowler Career and Technical Education students recently had a wonderful opportunity to experience hands-on career readiness training, thanks to a visit to Springside Farm in Fabius.
Students in the Geospatial Technology, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), EMT, Fire Rescue, Law Enforcement and Forensic Science programs were able to perform search & rescue simulations in a corn maze, allowing them to put to work the lessons they have learned in the classroom.
Given the hypothetical scenario of an injured person in a field, the activity started with RPAS students flying a thermal imaging drone over the field to determine the person’s location. Once located, EMT and Fire Rescue students were sent to the scene as first responders, guided with the help of Geospatial students.
Forensic students had set up a crime scene in advance, placing different evidence in the area to put the rescue team’s skills to the test. Law Enforcement students learned about the importance of working with other services – like Fire Rescue and EMT – in assisting with a casualty.
“The feedback from the kids was great,” Law Enforcement Instructor Jamie Bazdaric said. “They immediately said that our future role should be in securing the search area, communications across the spectrum of operations such as setting up an Incident Command Post and ensuring that the activities are synchronized. It’s a really good feeling when the kids begin to not only learn and execute, but also see the need for future training and understand how to use feedback to make the next training better.”
“The students truly appreciated the trip because it gave them an authentic learning experience,” Fire-Rescue Instructor Anthony Jarvis added. “They got to attend to injuries, stabilize the patient, package them for transport and then remove them from the corn maze. Students have run drills in school, but removing them from their comfort zone truly opened their eyes and made them think outside the box. They had to expand their communication skills, teamwork abilities and critical thinking abilities.”
Students said the experience also served to reinforce their interest in their respective CTE programs – and showed them what a real career in that field could be like.
“I like Criminal Justice because I like learning hands-on stuff,” senior Yosliabeth Cirino said. “In Criminal Justice, there is also writing, math and science involved, and it takes lots of thinking! It’s an honor to be in this program because it’s giving me a step ahead so when I get to college and start my career, I have the knowledge I need so I know what to do. It really teaches you teamwork and leadership.”
“I was really into robotics in my last school, so that drove me to the RPAS program,” freshman Nyel Oliver explained. “It’s cool because you get a lot of opportunities since it’s a new and developing technology. I might be interested in building drones and experimenting with them for a career, but even if I decide not to, I can always change pathways at PSLA at study something else!”
What an innovative way for PSLA at Fowler students to fine-tune their career readiness skills!