Clary Students Learn Coding at Destiny USA Apple Store

     Published on 12/21/18   Tagged under:    District News    Clary Middle School   

This is a photo of a group of students looking at a computer while an Apple Store employee shows them a program on it.“I have a question,” Clary sixth grader Khaiam Cosby said to an Apple Store employee as he played with a drawing app on an iPad. “Can I take this home?”
Sixth grade students had the opportunity to visit the Apple Store at Destiny USA one morning – before it opened to the public! Employees showed students how to use a drawing app on the store’s iPads, make beats in GarageBand, code a video game and play with an Impossible Game Ball, featuring 20 challenges in which the ball reacted to students’ movements.
“This is awesome,” Khaiam said as he looked around the store. “This is all the newest technology! I want to learn to make my own online video game one day, so this is really cool to play with.”
“I remember doing coding at my elementary school, but it wasn’t exciting like this,” classmate Shane Bernard added as he coded a video game at the store’s Genius Bar. “This is complicated, and it’s challenging your mind to do the right thing. You can program something, run the code and see what you did wrong. It’s fun! I’d like to do more coding in my spare time, because my dad said if I learn to be really good at it, I could even make my own video game.”
An Apple employee encouraged him to continue coding, noting that the same coding skills used to control characters in a video game can also be applied to robots. In real life emergency situations – like wildfires – certain robots can then be programmed to help as emergency responders!
Clary Library Media Specialist Martin Pasternak said this exposure to applied technology was part of the reason he organized the field trip. He hopes to arrange for the school’s seventh and eighth graders to visit the store as well, and even hopes to work with the Apple Store to create a school-wide end of the year trip.
“I am really looking forward to giving every student in our school an opportunity to learn how to use these devices that are common place in our society today, but can be used for so much more than just phone calls, text, and social media,” Mr. Pasternak explained. “It can really open up a world of possibilities to them that they may have never known they could have. It was incredible to watch every student come alive as they moved around and played with something that was teaching them at the same time!”
Thank you to the Apple Store employees who helped our students enjoy this hands-on technology field trip!