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Lead Testing in the SCSD

The New York State Health Department has issued regulations which require all public school Districts in New York State to sample the drinking water sources in schools for lead.  Syracuse City School District staff have been working closely with the State Health Department, State Education Department and Onondaga County Health Department to implement a testing program.  
Previous to the new regulations the SCSD and Syracuse City Water Department had sampled some water sources for lead, but the new regulations have additional requirements and require that all school buildings be re-sampled.  The testing was performed during off-hours and did not interfere with school operations.  The District completed the required sampling and the results which have been completed are below.  We will be updating the list as we receive the reports.  With every district in the State mandated to test their water the laboratories are extremely busy.
As required by the regulations, any drinking water fixture that tests above 15 ppb (parts per billion) of lead will be immediately taken out of service and remediated by replacing the fixture, adding a water filter, restricting access to the fixture or removing the fixture without replacement.   To request the lead testing results for a particular school, or if you have questions or concerns, please contact the District’s Facilities Department at 435-4292.

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