District Departments

Department Contact Phone
Accounting Suzanne Slack, Chief Finanical Officer 435-4826
Adult Education, Refugee Program and Literacy Zones Kathryn Lent, Coordinator 435-4135
Benefits Jennifer Wells, Coordinator 435-4171
Budget Suzanne Slack, Chief Financial Officer 435-4826
Communications Michael Henesey, Administrator 435-5800
Counseling and Guidance Services Nicolle Haynes, Director of School Culture and Climate 435-4878
Early Childhood Programs Margo Nish, Director 435-4276
Elementary Education Margaret Wilson, Assistant Superintendent 435-4220
Employee Assistance Program   470-7447
English Language Arts Rhonda Zajac, Director 435-4216
ENL, World Languages, and Bilingual Education Jacqueline LeRoy, Director 435-4927
Facilities and Operations Tom Ferrara, Director 435-4292
Family Engagement Mary Lisa Wade, Nina Vergara, Luberta CrouchSelina Lazarus
Family Engagement Facilitators
Fine Arts Sarah Gentile, Supervisor 435-4183
Finance Suzanne Slack, Chief Financial Officer 435-4826
Food & Nutrition Services Rachel Murphy, Director 435-4207
Health Services Ted J. Triana, D.O, Medical Director 435-4145
Health, Physical Education and Athletics April Wertheim, Interim Administrator for Athletics 435-4181
Human Resources Dr. Christopher Miller, Chief Human Resources Officer 435-4171
Mathematics Department Melanie Cifonelli, Director 435-4303
Mentoring Tonja Wade, Mentor Recruiter  435-4655
Native American Education Program Lori S. Herne (Mohawk Wolf-Clan), Program Facilitator    Kathleen Thomas (Onondaga – Snipe Clan), Program Instructor 435-4288
Operations Dean DeSantis, Chief Operations Officer 435-4161
Payroll Department Suzanne Snider, Coordinator 435-4191
Professional Development  Francine Grannell, Director 435-6358
Public Safety Thomas Ristoff, Director 435-4527
Purchasing Department Suzanne Slack, Chief Financial Officer 435-4226
Risk Management Jennifer Wells, Coordinator 435-4175
School Reform and Professional Data Mgmt. Zheadric Barbra, Assistant Superintendent 435-6379
Science and Technology Dana Corcoran Ph.D., Supervisor 435-4303
Secondary Education | CTE Programs Anthony Davis, Assistant Superintendent 435-4964
Shared Accountability Timothy Moon, Chief Accountability Officer 435-4281
SIRP Officers Director of SIRP Officers Sgt. Dennis Regin 442-5135
Social Studies Nick Stamoulacatos, Supervisor 435-4052
Special Education Amy Evans, Director 435-4425
Special Programs Michael Puntschenko, Director 435-4140
Staff Relations Joshua Beardall, Director 435-4171
Student Records Timothy Moon, Chief Accountability Officer 435-4103
Student Registration Center Akua Goodrich, Director 435-4545
Student Support Services Patricia Clark, Chief Ombuds / Student Support Services Officer 435-4131
Teaching and Learning Linda Mulvey, Chief Academic Officer 435-5844
Technology Timothy Moon, Chief Accountability Officer 435-4281
Transportation Theresa Kuss, Director  435-4260