KiloWatch Program Helps SCSD Students Learn About Energy Savings

     Published on 4/30/18   Tagged under:    District News    Ed Smith    Expeditionary Learning School    Frazer K-8 School    HW Smith K-8 School    McKinley-Brighton Elementary School    Roberts preK-8 School   

This is a picture of Ed Smith students who take part in the KiloWatch program.This year, students at Ed Smith, ELMS, Frazer, HW Smith, McKinley-Brighton and Roberts have had the opportunity to help their teachers, classmates and custodians save energy and money in their respective buildings, thanks to the KiloWatch program.
“To me, KiloWatch is a chance to do some good,” Ed Smith sixth grader Arlo Milstein said.
At Ed Smith, one class continually pushes the limits of middle school innovation. Marc Hamernik’s class went beyond the program’s curriculum and created their own point system for scoring energy use. For each ‘infraction,’ a classroom would lose a point. Infractions would include leaving lights on, windows open or computers on.
The class also decided that in order for all students to become invested in the program, incentives would be helpful. The students hosted their own bake sale and raised $180, which was used to purchase ice cream for the classroom that saves the most energy each month.
Thanks in part to these efforts, Ed Smith experienced a 15% energy savings in the month of December, 25% in January, and an impressive 37% savings in February. Overall this year, Mr. Hamernik’s class has contributed to a 21% savings.
“I have learned a lot from KiloWatch,” sixth grader Abbie Kalenak said. “I’ve learned the best light bulbs to use, how much money we spend each year on certain appliances and how to cut down on energy use so that we spend less in the future.”
The KiloWatch program aims not only to have a positive influence on energy use in the Syracuse City School District, but also to make a lasting impact on the future environmental behavior of students.
Ed Smith student Cooper Marko stated, “As someone who wants to pursue this area as an adult, this program was all I could ask for. It is all of our responsibility to save the world, and a little effort goes a long way.”
Keep up the great work, KiloWatch students!