Congratulations, SCSD Class of 2018!

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#SCSDGRADUATION  ceremonies are coming up

The schedule is as follows - all ceremonies will take place at the SRC Arena at Onondaga Community College.

Saturday, June 23

10 am
– Henninger High School  

1 pm – Institute of Technology at Syracuse Central

4 pm – Corcoran High School

Sunday, June 24

2 pm
 – PSLA at Fowler High School

4:15 pm – Nottingham High School

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We are so proud of the SCSD Class of 2018, representing Corcoran, Henninger, ITC, Nottingham and PSLA at Fowler. These students have worked hard, persevered and are on their way to continued success. 

Learn more about this year's Valedictorians and Salutatorians by following us on Facebook and Twitter! The top two students from each high school will be featured on our Facebook and Twitter pages during the week of June 18th. 

We asked our high school counselors to share some of the most memorable college essays from the Class of 2018. Below is a sampling of what they provided. These excerpts provide wonderful insight into our seniors, what motivates them, what their dreams are and where they come from. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did. 
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Quote by ALexandria Williams "I’ve been a giraffe for as long as I can remember, but instead of spots I have melanin-filled skin. Looking back at old middle school pictures it was clear that I was always a head and neck above my friends. In addition to my towering height, I had hair rivaling that of Rapunzel, a flat chest, and a stutter. My natural divergence from my peers caused a lot of personal conflict and social strife with my peers. Because of this, my confidence levels remained low in my early childhood. It wasn’t until I made the decision to disregard other people’s opinions that I embraced who I was and gained the confidence to define who I wanted to be."

Quote by Zekiel Wicks of Corcoran High School '18 "Through my revisiting of the past I learned to correct myself for the present and the future, seeking my own approval and independence before that of any other. My exponential solemnness manifested itself to be dominant in my life and form me into the dependent of my own life, and I assisted in its rise to power. My emotional and mental coup of this fabricated führer enabled me to crack my inner self ajar and do things I never would’ve allowed myself to do before that have impacted my life immensely." 

Quote by Jules Nshimiye of Henniger High School '18 "Coming from Pointe-Noire (Congo Brazzaville), I struggled with my ethnic identity. I was born to Rwandan parents in Congo which caused me to be caught in a mix of cultures. Although this experience was challenging, it taught me how to be more tolerant and relate to people from diverse backgrounds. It motivated me to choose a professional field where I would be able to interact and help all people. For me that means being a surgeon."

Quote by Dah Paw of Fowler High School '18 "I always had a passion to help people since I was a young child. My inspiration had come from the tragic death of my older sister back in my country in Myanmar. She had died of Malaria and my parents didn't have the right treatment for her because they lived in the village. My sister's death broke my heart even though I never met her because she was older than me. I always hear stories about her. Ever since that I always wanted to help people who are sick or don't have the treatments they need to get better. When my family moved from the refugee camp in Thailand to the United States in 2007, I knew this was my opportunity to make my dream become a reality. My short term goal is to become an EMT, since I have been taking EMT classes in high school. I want to start off before I go big. I want a lot of medical experience in the field before I go traveling around the world and helping people." 

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