Grant Construction Workers Discover Decades-Old Time Capsule

     Published on 11/19/18   Tagged under:    District News    Grant Middle School   

This is a photo of two boys standing next to a time capsule box, each holding a newspaper artifact.Construction workers at Grant Middle School were hard at work removing the building’s crumbling exterior façade. Adhering to Principal Bruno Primerano’s request to save the building’s original cornerstone, head mason Alex noticed that the cornerstone reading ‘1931’ had been manufactured with a special cavity.
“I was super excited for the possibility of finding something,” Mr. Primerano recalled.
Upon further investigation, they discovered that the cavity contained a metal box that seemed to be a time capsule! They pried open the box and discovered that it was filled with newspapers from 1931, a Board of Education report from 1930-1940, an address book from 1932, a hand written class list and faculty list and more.
“Historically, to be holding a newspaper from 1931, with articles about local politics and national figures like Al Capone, was surreal,” Mr. Primerano said. “It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to handle primary sources from the beginning of the last century!”
Students and staff were eager to review the capsule’s contents.
“This is so cool,” sixth grader Aiden Gibson said. “I like history… and these things are from 87 years ago! I’ve never seen a time capsule or old stuff like this… I think we should bury a new one for someone to find. If they find it in 87 years, I’ll be 98!”
“My grandkids could find it,” classmate Travis Coffey added. “I’d put stuff in there to remind them of me and what life is like today. We could include pictures and write a letter!”
Mr. Primerano said he has already asked the head mason to ensure that there is room in the new façade for a new time capsule to replace the one they discovered. Students and adults are now debating what to include… perhaps a yearbook or an iPhone, some suggested.
“It’ll be exciting to seal a box that won’t be opened again for another 100 years or more,” Mr. Primerano said. “The possibilities are endless!”