COVID-19 & Back to School 2020

The Syracuse City School District is dedicated to keeping students' and staff health, safety, and learning at the forefront of all planning as we navigate the 2020-21 school year. 
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Information for Parents/Guardians

Visits by Appointment Only

All District buildings are currently closed for drop-in visitors. If you need to visit any District building for any reason, please call ahead to set an appointment.


The Transportation Department has sent home bussing information for all students who will receive transportation on the days they are physically in school. Please call (315) 435-4260 if you have any questions.

Prepare for Remote Learning

Visit our Digital Tools & Resources page for help getting started with remote learning. Book virtual appointments for assistance, watch tutorials, read instructions, and more. 

SCSD will continue to provide computing devices to students in need and will be distributing hot spots to families without internet access to support 3 MB per month. Computing devices and hot spots will be made available for pickup from schools.

Do you need a device at home? Please contact your child's school to arrange a device pickup.

Meal Service

Visit our Meal Pick-Up page for more information regarding meal service in school and Grab-&-Go options on remote days while following the hybrid model. 

Meal Delivery Form 
Bulk Meal Pick-Up Form (More than 3)

Mask / Face Coverings

Students in the Syracuse City School District are expected to wear a face covering. In the event that a student needs one,one will be provided from their teacher/school.

Masks should always cover the nose and mouth. Masks should be washed after each use. It is important to always remove masks correctly by handling only the ear loops or ties and then folding outside corners together. Be careful not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth when removing and wash hands immediately after removing, and wash your hands after handling or touching a used mask.

All students who are physically able must wear a face covering or mask while on the school bus at all times as well.  

Learn more about face coverings

Symptom & Exposure Screening
All students, visitors (including parents/guardians) and staff must have their temperature taken and attest to a series of statements prior to entering a District building. Parents/guardians are also expected to screen their children for symptoms prior to sending them to school.

Daily Home Screening for Students
Staff, Student & Visitor Building Screening

CoVideo Chats

The Office of Family Engagement hosts a live chat open to all families every Tuesday at 6 PM and Thursday at 12 PM noon. We hope you’ll join us! Look for topics and registration details on the SCSD Facebook page

Topics have included things like SeeSaw & Canvas (5/19 &  5/21), grading (5/12 & 5/14), mental health (5/26 & 5/28), special education (5/5 & 5/7), reopening of schools (7/14, 7/16, 8/4, 8/6, 8/18 & 8/20), Pre-K, the Code of Conduct (7/28 & 7/30), registration (6/9 & 6/11), summer learning (7/7 & 7/9), and confronting racism (6/4). 



Prepare for a Safe & Healthy School Year

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