SCSD Celebrates School Lunch Hero Day!

     Published on 5/4/18   Tagged under:    District News   

This is a photo of Food Service staff preparing school meals.
Thank you to the SCSD Food & Nutrition Services interns who submitted this piece in celebration of School Lunch Hero Day!  

Food is needed for the growth and development of students. It’s important to make sure students are fed nutritious meals in order for them to achieve academic success.
Syracuse City School District’s Food Service staff are committed to providing healthful and nutritious meals to students.
Between preparing healthy meals, adhering to nutrition standards, and offering their service with a smile, SCSD’s Food Service staff work hard to feed the students in their schools.
With about 155 food service employees in the SCSD, meals are prepared and served everyday to feed the students in the district, which is the 5th largest school district in New York State. It’s amazing the number of meals staff produces each day. In the month of February alone, staff prepared about 10,754 breakfast meals per day and about 14,600 lunch meals per day.
The Syracuse City School District expresses its deep appreciation to the valuable employees and thanks them for their excellent work on behalf of our students. Make sure to thank your School Lunch Heroes today for all the work they put into caring for our students!